Dr. Wu Dhi

Dr. Wu Dhi

Dr. Wu Dhi was born Sherwood Swartz but mostly known as "Woody" to friends and family. As a student of various traditions he as received various names and titles over the years as is appropriate in those schools. Among these names was Wu Di, very similar to the pronunciation of Woody, in China the name means "has no enemies". Wu Di was later renamed by a Tibetan Lama to Wu Dhi with an "h". Although this may not seem like that much of a change from Wu Di or even Woody for that matter, it is in fact a high honor to receive such a name directly from a Lama. Dhi in this case is the Sanskrit seed syllable "Dhi" and associated with the great wisdom holder Manjurshri.

Dr. Wu Dhi has been a pioneer in alternative health care for over 30 years and a master of Medical Qi Gong. Dr. Wu Dhi completed his advance studies in neurology under the direction of Professor Sun at the prestigious Heilongjiang, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Harbin P.R.China.

As a part of his comprehensive training, he worked in the immunology department at South Shore Hospital in Miami Beach Florida.  He has a degree in Oriental Medicine and is also State licensed and nationally board certified as an Acupuncture Physician.

In China, Dr. Wu Dhi was afforded the privilege of studying under many of today’s living masters of Chinese Medicine. He has extensive experience working and training in the medical, spiritual and martial Qi Gong disciplines (Chinese Energetic Medicine). He is presently completing his doctoral degree in Medical Qi Gong, under the direction of Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, one of the few internationally recognized non-Chinese Grand Masters of Medical Qi Gong therapies.

Dr. Wu Dhi has been practicing and teaching an integration of Ancient Eastern and Modern Western healing practices for the greater portion of his professional career. Through seminars, public speaking, and direct practice, he continues to inspire and guide professional health practitioners in the United States and abroad who are just now realizing the value of utilizing Traditional Chinese and Alternative Therapies.

Dr. Woody Swartz with Lori and Dr. Thomas Rau at
the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland.

A Brief History Of Dr. Wu Dhi

1970- Self Realization Fellowship meditation skills, deep breathing control for opening chakras, Oliver Black, Detroit Michigan

1971- Meditation Hath Yoga, Kundalini Yogi.  Advanced Yoga meditations breathing postures, chanting to open up internal centers, the power of silence - Yogi Bhajan. Los Alamos, New Mexico

1973- Advanced Polaroid Therapy training- Perrier Painter, Boulder, Colorado

1973-, Hatha yoga, meditation breathe purifications, mantra meditations, -Ma Yogi Shakti Telluride Colorado

1974-Hindu Meditation retreat -Ma Yogi Shakti Telluride Colorado

1975- Ordained Minister from Grace Essence Fellowship Recognized and certified to perform weddings, coming of age ceremonies funerals, Blessings, Transition meditation and life transitions-   Bodhi Mandala Zen Center Jemez Springs ,New Mexico   
1975- Established and taught meditations spiritual counseling at the ashram for Ma Yoga Shakti Telluride, Colorado

1976 Polarity Therapy Energy work, balancing hemispheres of body, pain management   Dr. Jim Foreleo, Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

1977- Trained in Energy work, balancing of the three bodies, Calming the spirit Polarity Therapy instructor Pierre Pannetier- Boulder Colorado

1977- Postural integration, Training in the integration of connective tissue manipulation, acupuncture manipulation, and reichian gestalt bodywork and hereby given the title Postural Integrator-  The Institute of Postural Integration; Dr. Jack Painter Ph.D. San Francisco, California

1978- EST trainingpersonal transformation and enhanced power Communications skills -Detroit, Michigan

1978- Tibetan healing techniques, Shaivism practices, Body Mind Speech practices, Flight practices and Dream state yoga -Caracas Venezuela

1978- Intro to Total Person Facilitation concepts and training Communications skills, NLP, Touch for Health, Reality engineering-   Mill Valley California

1978- Trained in Muscle testing and postural balancing to reduce physical mental pain and tension using acupuncture and massage given the title of Touch for health Instructor –Dr. John F Thie

1978-Advanced training in  Body and character analyses, advanced strategies for tissue manipulation and given the title of Master Postural Integration-Jack Painter Ph.D. San Francisco, California

1979- The Institute of Total Person Facilitation-Trained in applied Kinesiology, communication skills, guided Fantasy, five element theory, meridian energy balancing, body reading, deep tissue manipulation, bone and joint mobilization, connective exercises and reality engineering techniques- Mill Valley ,California

1979- EST leadership training advanced communication skills, leadership skills Catskills Mountains, NY

1979- Magic rituals, power of ritual dance and prayer, meditation, and the power of the elements -Wichole Indian Shaman Training.  Golden, Colorado

1980-The Institute of total Person Facilitation -Advanced training in Contextual thinking, meridian re-balancing, body-mind clearing, reality engineering, advanced communication skills, personal mythology, Dream state work.- Mill Valley, California

1980- Advanced Touch for Health Training color and sound healing , advanced muscle testing, food vibration testing, postural analysis, vitamin therapy, fasting, colon therapy fasting  - Gordon Stokes Tucson Arizona.

1981-The Institute of Total Person Facilitation -Advanced training in Contextual Recovery of Total Person Transformational Philosophy and transpersonal psychology advanced body mind clearing,awarness training , Dream state yoga, peak performance, personal mythology, nutrition, homeopathic, herbology, sexology, color and music therapy, acupressure, meditation, family therapy and counseling-, The Institute of Total Person Facilitation Vail, Colorado

1985- Chi Lei Jong, treatment and diagnose of the abdominal region of human body opening of blockages in intestine -Mantic Chia Phoenix Az.

1981- Shaman training, dream state, fire initiation, shape shifting, power of dance and prayer, -J.C. Eagle Smith, Clarkston, Michigan  

1981- Family therapy, Family counseling communications skills, reconstructive visualizing, sexual therapy- Virginia Satir, University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

1982- NLP training, fire walk, communications skills Anthony Robins, Detroit, Michigan

1983- Intro to Taoism, Healing sounds, microcosmic orbit meditation, inner smile Mantak Chia New York, NY 1985 -Bone marrow breathing, Taoist sexual practices, Chi weight lifting, hitting practice for internal power, iron shirt Chi Kung, Nei Gong rooting practices -Mantak Chia, Big Indian New York

1986- Massachusetts Institute of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) advanced training Dr. Martin Lowenthal, Newton, Massachusetts

1986- Dale Carnegie interpersonal relationships, stress manage, communication, problem-solver and focused leadership skills, goals setting. Detroit, Michigan

1986 - The Taoist secrets of love, Chinese Daoist healing system, the harmonizing the body, mind and spirit. Cultivating male & female sexual energy, sexual kung fu, internal testes dancing and orgasm regeneration. Wu Wei healing, self and duel cultivation practices-Mantak Chia Big Indian N.Y

1987- Meditation classes, Classes in holistic medicine, communication skills, leadership training counseling private practice Taoist healing techniques senior instructor Grace Essence Fellowship Caracas, Venezuela

1988- Crain Style Qi Gong six forms for healing, elemental healing, and automatic move meridian Qi gong Master Chen Wang, Detroit, Michigan

1988 Team building, creativity, resourceful training the developing of the second attention and changing belief systems in the corporate structure - Lovgoven oil company Caracas, Venezuela

1988- Kundlini yoga meditation practices, the building of the heart charka, building of the internal stupa- John Mann. Big Indian New York

1988- Family therapy, Family counseling, communications skills, family reconstruction- University of Wisconsin Superior Wisconsin

1988 - Advanced Training in Nyingma and Bon Tibetan Mysticism
(Magical Tools: history and use of the Thunder Dagger, Thunder Bolt and Bell, and the Krang, Purification Rituals, Activation Rituals, Constructing Five Element Altars, Incantations, Celestial Deities, Dream Magic and Soul Travel Training) –Taos, New Mexico

1989- Advanced Training in Nyingma and Bon Tibetan Mysticism , Magical Tools: history and use of the Incantations, Celestial Deities, Dream Magic and Soul Travel Training Advanced Vajra Kilaya Ritual Magic, Advanced Mantra Training, Hand Seal Magic, Advanced Incantations, Celestial Deities, Dream Magic, Illusionary Magic, and Soul Travel Training) –John Mann and various other spiritual teachers. Big Indian, NY

1989 -Training on the Path of Least Resistance Technology for creating current and future reality.  -Robert Fritz, New York, NY

1990- Maui school of massage licensed massage therapist -Maui Hawaii

1990- Marketing training, copywriting, lead generation, customer relationship - Jay Abrams, LA, California

1991- Training in Biological medicine Dark- field, biological terrain, Sanum Chinese meridian systems, and energy medicine - Dr. Thomas Rau Scottsdale, Arizona

1994- German biological medicine advanced homeopathic, detox, dark field blood analysis Scottsdale, Arizona

1994- Health Workshops holistic medicine Qi gong classes and workshops- Regency House Spa Hallandale, Florida

1995- Professional Acupuncture training program Dr. Fu Dhi Director of the Community School of Traditional Chinese Health Care Miami, Florida

1995-member of national organization for Chinese medicine ACCOM Acupuncture Diploma- New York, NY

1996- Taos School of Massage deep tissue massage, applied kinesiology anatomy –Western and Oriental massage tools for advanced therapy-   Eric Ritchie Taos, New Mexico

1996- Alchemy of Freedom, advanced internal Alchemy organ steaming training, Embodiment of breath, advanced tantra yoga transition, Open and close systems, Longevity and protection practices, advanced communication skills, spiritual warriorship, Pranayama, The training and mastering of energy, Vayu, Shakti and karma, Tibetan view of 6 realms of consciousness. Rules and guidelines of Building the internal stupa. -Taos, New Mexico

1997- Private practice acupuncture, moxa, tuina, applied kinesiology, Qi gong classes and workshops   Center for Advanced Medicine Aventura, Florida

1997- Advanced scalp acupuncture, Tui Ni, advanced Qi gong & Nei gong training  herbal medicine Advanced moxa , cupping bone medicine walking meditation -Professor Sun, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Harbin, China

1998- Biological homeopathic medicine detox program. - Sorroyal Toronto, Ontario

1998- The five bodies of the human being, Detoxification moldiest, Treatment and Diagnosis of heavy metal toxicity, Lymphocytes drainage, allergy testing. Autonomic response testing, blocked regulation, diagnosis & treatment, Scar Therapy-Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. Scottsdale, Arizona

1998- The Positive Connections HIV center. Volunteer doctor Chinese medicine, herbs, moxa, acupuncture Miami, Florida

1998- Apprenticeship Chinese Medicine clinical protocols, doctor patient relationship herbal medicine    -Dr. Fu Di Miami, Florida

1998- Keys to Mastery training Dhatus mantram color training , Octaves of being and aspects of being mechanical, magnetic, compassion, wisdom and agent of grace being three body work Energy space form - Taos New Mexico

1998 -Blood Test Evaluating and the determining of metabolic typing for acupuncturist Florida State Oriental Medical Association -Dr. James Cima Pompano Florida

1998- A complementary Approach to Aging and Longevity Heel homeopaths of Germany Homeopathy and Homotoxicology  seminar-Dr. Richard Clement Ft. Dr. William Bergman Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

1998- Clinical Nutrition –Patrick Purdue Ac., N.D. Tampa, Florida

1998 & 1999 -Training and certification in Laser acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome and post stroke paralysis –Dr. Margaret Naeser Miami Beach, Florida 

1999- Biological medicine, isopathic-homeopathic medicine Bach Flower remedies, energy medicine Biotical diagnostic skills - Dr. Thomas Rau of Paracelsus clinic Scottsdale, Arizona.

1999- National Center for Homeopathic Medicine Training in homeopathic remedies for colds , flu’s and coughs- Dr. Joyce C. Frye Ft. Lauderdale , Florida

1999- Heel homeopaths of Germany Homeopathy and Homotoxicology seminar-Dr. Richard Clement Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

1999- Isopathic Homeopathic Medicine Sanum remedies detox formulas –Dr. Bruce Shelton Scottsdale, Arizona

1999- Transformational meditations, Kleshas training advanced Sutra practice, Guided meditation, sleep practice, The Power Exercises, The practice of Lucidit- Taos, New Mexico

1999- Private practice acupuncture, Postural integration, NLP, Coaching, advanced muscle testing, Chinese herbs - Compass Health Miami, Florida

2000- Acupuncture for substance abuse. Auricular Drug detoxification, -Dr Michael Smith Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Bronx, NY

2000- Diplomat in Acupuncture-National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Washington, D.C.

2000- Training in Phlebotomy care of patient drawing blood- Nursing Unlimited Miami, Florida

2000- Energy Medicine, advanced study of the triple warmer, Applied kinesiology, muscle testing, meridian training balancing of physical mental and emotional energies-Donna Eden, Miami, Florida

2000- Advanced training in Biological medicine anthroposophical medicine Ayurveda, Dr. Zievev , Dr Thomas Rau scar injections, local neural therapy on joints segmental neural therapy, Dr. Byron Braid and Dr. William Budd neuron cranial restring anatomy of the skull, history and interrelationship of neuron cranial restructuring and cranial sacral therapies in the 20th century Foxhollow clinic. Foxhollow, Kentucky

2001 Hermetic and Paracelsian Science Spagyric plant essences, disease and treatment , blood as a healer, spagyric manufacturers and methods and spiritual consciousness-Dr. Dagmar Lanninger -Bolling Coral Gables, Florida

2001- Biological medicine, health care practices of European homeopathy and homotoxicology, anthroposophical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and the ancient medical system of Ayurveda life-style changes, ecological terrain and genetic information. - Dr. Thomas Rau, Marion Institute Marion, Mass

2002- Biological medicine The Alchemy of Phytotherapy Layered Dried Blood Analysis Live Blood Analysis Yin -Yang Qigong Tuina and Acupressure Techniques Energetic Anatomy – Dr. Thomas Rau Fox hollow ClinicLexington, Kentucky

2002- Sanum –Kehlbeck training advanced homeopathic remedies natural medicine homeopathy/ Isopathic Therapy., multiple potencies remedies. - Dr. Thomas Rau Scottsdale, Arizona   

2002- The Domains of Radiant Life Activating the Magic square, sacred mathematical formulas, Chinese Luck Star system the use of amino acid remedies –Taos, New Mexico

2003- Practitioners program -basic medical Qi gong treatment protocols, Basic energetic psychology, discharging toxic emotions, advanced intuitive diagnostic skills, influences on human body, food and diet, prenatal and postnatal Jing, Qi and Shen Medical Qi Gong.-Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, Miami Beach Florida

2004- Medical Qi gong Therapist Program basic healing protocols long distance transmission of energy, advanced energetic psychology, extensive clinical practice,Tui na Chinese massage therapy connecting Qi circulation within the muscular system, pangu shengong, Qigong as a treatment of cancer- Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, Miami Beach Florida

2004- Qi Deviations and shen disturbances, Disorders of the soul and spirit, Psychic attacks, medical Qi gong treatments for spirit or demon possession, the secret Power of the Five Elements Taoist Mysticism, introduction to Daoist Mysticism lighting the eyes of the dragon -Professor Jerry Alan Johnson Pacific Grove, California 

2004 -Space/time and Natural Ease- Emotional alchemy and advanced DreamWorks, stages of disease acute ad chronic, ritual dagger practice, seven thunder practice Zen Rinzai fourfold contemplation, The refining of Pure gold –Gnosis, 9 point melting soaking practice. View, Orientation and method-developing of extra attention, root lock sexual practices, guarding the treasures, closing the flower. Kriya Samadhi practice, Kleshas- Taos, New Mexico

2005 - Advanced Training in Nyingma and Bon Tibetan Mysticism
(Three Realms, Advanced Shen Gong Meditations, Soul Crafting, Energetic Alphabet, Magical Square Rituals, Magical Tools [history and use of the Thunder Dagger, Thunder Bolt, and Thunder Bell], Purification Rituals, Activation Rituals, Constructing Five Element Altars, Incantations, Celestial Deities, and Celestial Dimension Training) – Taos, New Mexico

2005- Mystical Qi Gong training course breath control meditation movement awareness Daoist principals - Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson Academy for Five Elements Hallandale Florida

2005- Medical Qi Gong Masters program, long distance healing, advanced protocols in Qi gong and Nei gong healing, Qi protections, prescription exercises, healing sounds and visualizations charka cleansing  - Dr. Lisa Vanostrand  Miami Beach, Florida

2005- Program of study in the field Functional Medicine- Xymogen Orlando, Florida

2005- Tuina training (Chinese Massage) -Academy for Five Elements Advanced Hallandale, Florida

2005 - Esoteric Daoist Stepping Patterns used to Commune with the Spirit World - (Five Element Stepping, Nine Purple Palace Stepping, 28 Star Stepping, Southern Star Stepping, North Star Stepping, Six Steps Connecting Pattern, Three Steps Connecting Pattern, and Flying Stepping Pattern) - Abbot Wang Xiao Yi, Jiangxi Province, Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery, China

2005 - Constructing Talismans
(Rules of Purification; Proper Material for Construction; Talismans for Binding Evil, Dispelling Evil Spirits, Keeping the House Safe from Evil Spirits) - Abbot Qiu Yu Song, Jiangxi Province, Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery, China

2005 - Single and Double Hand Seals
(White Crane Hand Seal, Thunder Magic Hand Seal, and the various Five Thunder Mountain Hand Seal and Incantations) - Abbot Wang, Jiangxi Province, Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery, China

2005 - Magical Incantations
(Purifying the Heart and Body Incantation, Eight Great Spirit Incantation, Bring the Spirit Out of the Body Incantation, Hunting for the Hun Incantation, and the Bring the Spirit Back Into the Body Incantation ) - Abbot Zeng Guang Liang, Jiangxi Province, Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery, China

2005 - Ancient Daoist History
(Long Hu Shan Daoist Immortals, Daoist Secret Cultivation Methods, Corpse Magic, The Internal and External Training of Five Thunder Magic, Introduction to Daoist Feng Shui, and Introduction to Daoist Yi Jing) - Professor Xu, Jiangxi Province, Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery, China

2005 - Advanced Lung Hu Shan Daoist Training
(Celestial Master Zheng-Yi Daoist Mysticism, Qigong and Shengong Training) - Abbot Zhang Jing Tao, Jiangxi Province, Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery, China

2005- Li Family walking Qi Gong rooting practices, balance and flexibility practices -Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

2005-Pan Gu Shengong, also known as the Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon Qigong -Master Ou Wen Wei Hallandale, Florida

2006-Advanced training Pan Gu Shengong-Master Ou Wen Wei Hallandale, Florida

2006- Psycho-Cybernetics- The Harness the power Creative Imagination.
Develop self-confidence, self-discipline and the Power of Attract -Matt Furey, Tampa Florida

2006 Doctoral program Medical Qi Gong, DO1 – Medical Qigong Therapy and Oncology overview of the major principles and foundational structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qi Gong. Understanding of to the study of the treatment of various types of cancers and tumor formations.DO2 –Protocols for Brain and Esophageal Cancer clinical approaches to the treatment of brain and esophageal cancers with the use of Medical Qigong.  DO3 – Clinical Protocols for Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer clinical approaches to the treatment of breast and lung cancers with the use of Medical Qigong.  DO4 – Clinical Protocols for Stomach, Pancreatic, and Liver Cancer clinical approaches to the treatment of breast and lung cancers with the use of Medical Qigong.  DO5 – Clinical Protocols for Ovarian, Uterine, Cervical, Prostate, Colon, and Rectal Cancer clinical approaches to the treatment of breast and lung cancers with the use of Medical Qigong.  DO6 – Clinical Protocols for Bone Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Leukemia, Malignant Lymphoma, and Skin Cancer clinical approaches to the treatment of breast and lung cancers with the use of Medical Qigong.  Dr. Bernard Shannon and Sifu Matthew Weston South Beach, Florida

2006-Advanced Tantric meditations, mudras and mantra training, extra attention, learning to learn ,7 steps to mastery, Spiritual name, Ritual work, octaves of relating, Duka and Sukha practice Taos, New Mexico

2006 - Advanced Training in Nyingma and Bon Tibetan Mysticism
(Sound Incantations, Thunder Magic, Advanced Hand Seal Training, and Dream Magic) - Taos, New Mexico

2007-   Treatment Protocols for Adrenal Fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome, Liver Toxicity and Leaky Gut Syndrome-Xymogen Jake Fratkin, OMD, L.Ac. and Randy Bimestefer, L.Ac.

2007 Fitness boot camp • Chinese Long-Life Secret, Slo-Lo Fitness Program flexibility training Advanced Focusing Techniques.-  Dan Gabel, Matt Furey, Bob Wall, Tampa, Florida

2007 -Dao Zou China's Instant Happiness Long-Life Program correcting posture, balance ,awareness  personal coaching and instruction  from  Matt Furey Clearwater, Florida

2008-Daoist Mineral Magic from the Zheng Yi School, sacred hand jester healing prosperities of Gems -Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, Gainesville, Florida

2008- Master Mind Training internet marketing skills –Matt Furey, Tampa, Florida

2008- Psycho-Cybernetics goal setting advanced visualization and coaching- Matt Furey, Tampa, Florida

2008 Boot camp Leadership skills, flexibility, strength and endurance training – Matt Furey, Dan Gable, Vincent Palko, and Eddie Baron Tampa, Florida

2008 Pain Management using Guna injectable ampules – Miama florida

2009- Biopuncture: Management of Sport Injuries- Dr Jan Kersschot, MD Heel homeopathic Miami Florida

2009-Swiss Biological medicine health care practices and homotoxicology, scar injections, local neural therapy,segmental neural therapy